Testing is a process to find bugs, find them as early as possible, and make sure they get fixed.

Testing Types 

1. White box testing (Also known as Clear Box Testing, Glass Box Testing, Open Box Testing and Structural Testing): Used to test internal based application.
2. Black box testing (Also known as Skin Box Testing, Closed Box Testing and Behavioral Testing): Used to test functional based or requirement based application.
3. Gray box testing: Used to test web applications. It is a combination of both White box & Black box testing.

Testing Techniques (Testing approach)

The most popular Black box testing techniques are:
1. Equivalence Partitioning
2. Boundary Value Analysis
3. Cause-Effect Graphing
4. Error-Guessing

The White-Box testing techniques are:
1. Statement coverage
2. Decision coverage
3. Condition coverage
4. Decision-condition coverage
5. Multiple condition coverage
6. Basis Path Testing
7. Loop testing
8. Data flow testing

Software Testing Check List
Sometimes testers get confused when they have assigned testing task. They don't know from where they should start the testing. To keep this in mind, I have compiled information from many channels. I have created a Checklist for website testing as well as Checklist for Desktop application Testing

Checklist covers the following points:
Step 1 - User Interface Testing (GUI Testing)
Step 2 - Functional Testing
Step 3 - Interface Testing
Step 4 - Compatibility Testing
Step 5 - Security Testing
Step 6 - Performance testing

Responsibilities of a Tester
a. Understand project requirements.
b. Develops and implements Test Plans that will address the testing needs of functional, regression, integration and system testing.
c. Update Test Case document.
d. Conduct Testing including Smoke, Sanity, and Execute the Test cases.
e. Update the Test Result document.
f. Attend the Regular client calls.
g. Log / File the defects in Defect tracking tool / Bug Report.
h. Verify defects.
i. Discuss doubts/queries with Development Team / Client.
j. Implements software quality assurance standards and processes.
k. Participates in design reviews/walkthroughs for projects.
l. Other duties that are within education and experience or the incumbent may be assigned for the betterment of the company.

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